Places of interest nearby

The region of Debrecen offers the tourists dozens of places of interest.


Visitors to Hortobágy may get acquainted the fauna and flora of the plain and one can take part in a really special programme: the Safari of the Plain. One can admire the display of the horsemen, take a look into the weekdays of the shepherds in the Shepherd Museum, taste the meals characteristic for the Great Hungarian Plains in the Inn and inspect the famous Nine Hole Bridge.

‘Tuba’ Farm

You are welcomed to a real Hungarian, cordial evening, the owner himself ensures the cheer of the guests evoking the flavours of the reminiscence of old times. He introduces traditional Hungarian musical instruments, dances and traditional dresses and the guests are invited to participate.

‘Paripa’ Csárda (inn)

The Paripa inn at the edge of the city awaits one with traditional flavours and wild game delicacies. The Inn is surrounded by a landscape with forest and lakes, offering possibility for free time activities e.g. hiking, travelling in a wagon or horse riding.

Golf Club of Debrecen

The training and practice centre of the Golf Club of Debrecen is about only 10 minutes by car from the city centre, but far from the noise of the city. As a new centre of the social and sport life, it invites its guests to enjoy its natural surroundings. Being the part of the Landscape Protection Area of Hajdúság, it has a rich flora and fauna. The Golf Terrace awaits not only guests interested in golf, but all those who like to have a drink under the shadows of the trees while they take a look into the world of golf.

‘Zsuzsi’ narrow gauge railway

The Zsuzsi narrow gauge railway is a real experience. It introduces the world of the Erdőspuszta plain, next to Debrecen, and lifts one out of the weekly rush. The Zsuzsi narrow gauge railway is still the oldest operating narrow gauge railway of Hungary inviting one to a time travel journey.

Koppány Hostel and Forest Amusement Park

The Koppány Forest Amusement Park is few kilometres east of Debrecen. It is best enjoyed by the lovers of active recreation. One can not only wrestle with the challenging obstacles of the Amusement Park, but one can ride a quad bike, play paintball, badminton or table tennis and enjoy archery.

Sóstó – Zoo

The Zoo is 5 km north from Nyíregyháza and 55 km from the Aquaticum via road no. 4. The Zoo introduces the wildlife of the different continents in an area of 74 acres. The Zoo offers various programmes for complete recreation, including seal show, parrot show, riding a camel or feeding. During these programmes, the visitors have the opportunity to get closer to the animals.


The town Tokaj, 81 km northeast from Debrecen, is deservedly famous of its wines. However, the town offers many opportunities for the visitors apart from visiting wine cellars, e.g. the Museum of Tokaj, the Exhibition Room and Artificer House of the Tokaj Manufactory or the Ede Paulay Theatre.


Eger city with its special atmosphere is well known from history books and lies about 145 km northeast from Debrecen. If the name Eger is heard, one may recall the Dobó square, the minaret or the castle and nearly everybody knows the wines of the city. The wine cellars and inns in the Szépasszony valley are deservedly famous, as well.