Fitness Island

Our fitness island on the 3rd floor of our hotel makes the relaxation of sports enthusiasts complete.

Our goal was to provide a complex sporting opportunity for everyone on an area of 185 m2, so we equipped our training hall with a diversity of devices. As a result, our guests do not have to give up the training that suits them best, whether it is cycling, yoga, step aerobics, weightlifting or boxing.

One of the special features of the hall is that you can enjoy the magnificent view of Nagyerdő through its huge glass walls during your workout. In good weather, complete this experience with an outdoor stretch or relaxation on our 100 m2 terrace adjacent to the fitness hall, providing a unique opportunity to combine outdoor and indoor workout.

Devices in the hall:

  • 6 bosu balls
  • 6 kg - 16 kg kettle bells
  • 5 yoga mats
  • 6 step-pads
  • 4 wall bars
  • 5 fit-balls (various sizes)
  • 1 lying bench (abdominal muscle)
  • 1 multi-functional strength trainer
  • 1 kg - 10 kg hand weights
  • 1 weight bench
  • 1.25 kg - 10 kg reel weights
  • 1 treadmill
  • 1 elliptical trainer
  • 1 vibration trainer 1 normal bicycle
  • 2 recumbent bicycles