Family-friendly services

Our family-friendly hotel offers many amenities for the convenience of children. Thus, every fourth hotel room is "family friendly", differing from the "exclusive rooms" not only in its colours. We also offer connecting double rooms to our guests, where the furniture is rounded, equipped with a bean bag chair and the children's favourite bunk bed.

 We offer a free of charge, complimentary kitchenette to our guests arriving with a baby, so the baby food, fruit purée can be prepared there instead of the hotel room. Our hotel is much praised by both children and parents for the Children's Playing Area, a children's empire of nearly 300 square meters. Spending leisure time there in a pleasant way is made possible by a bouncy castle, a pyramid toy, a balance toy, skill developing games, foosball, billiard-table and a taifun table.

During our opening hours, our well-trained kindergarten teachers supervise the children, so parents can explore Debrecen's fabulous downtown area or enjoy the opportunities offered by our new Fitness Island only a few meters away from their children.

More about the Giant Children’s Play Area >>

We regularly organize animation programs, so children can take part, among others, in craftsmanship, balloon twisting with our balloon clown or they can dance at the Aqua Manó (Aqua Elf) party.

Naturally, even the little ones can find the delicacies that match their tastes at our Natura Restaurant. We offer baby food on the buffet table, and the highchair is part of our basic equipment. Additional children and baby-friendly equipment are available to our guests, such as a crib, steriliser, stool, stroller, toilet reducer.


  1. Highchair in the hotel
  2. child menu for buffet meals
  3. children’s robe (upon request)
  4. dummy steriliser
  5. bottle heater
  6. crib
  7. baby bathtub
  8. side step (stool)
  9. toilet reducer
  10. changing table for crib
  11. container for used diaper
  12. sports stroller
  13. children’s play area supervised by trained kindergarten teachers during the opening hours
  14. childcare outside opening hours of children’s play area for an extra fee (on request)
  15. kitchenette with kettle and microwave

Please inform us in advance if you intend to use these facilities during your stay.